Le rythme
Vocal, dance, other musical performance

  • Objectives

Major Objectives

  • Promoting art and culture, organizing and sponsoring different sorts of vocal, dance, other musical performances in different parts of India and abroad
  • Assisting, sponsoring and providing all sorts of supports to orphans, old-age, disabled, mentally retarded people and people suffering from life threatening diseases (like AIDS, Cancer etc) and natural calamities.
  • Sponsoring, promoting and conservation of greeneries and environment including development of parks etc.
  • To cooperate with the Government of India in improving the existing facilities for old age people and mentally ill persons, including destitute person and intellectually disabled. To establish, manage and maintain community centers and welfare organizations for old age and ill and disabled persons, their relatives and friends, including destitute persons without any restriction as to caste creed, race or religion.
  • To cooperate with the Indian Government - Local, State and Central to assist the poor and old age people and disadvantaged in India in the areas of health care including mental illness and intellectual disability , and / or child welfare and education.
  • To assist , whether financially, managerially, administratively or otherwise Indian non- government organizations working to assist the old age people, poor and disadvantaged in all the areas of Health Care, including Mental Illness and Intellectual Disability and / or Child welfare and Education and Community Development.
  • Organizing lectures and seminars, providing financial and other kinds of supports to different philanthropic organizations, institutions, trusts.
  • To assist those having the care of our responsibility and those who are in need of accommodation, transport, counseling or guidance, psychiatric or medical treatment, or any aid of a like nature without any restriction as reference to caste, creed, race or religion.
  • To provide shelter, food and clothing education besides health care for abandoned children devoid of parental support.
open to all irrespective of caste creed, religion and sex
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